Renovation costs in Singapore can be quite expensive, especially when considering several factors like materials, permits, interior design company, labour, and other essentials. However, this is an essential step you need to take as a homeowner to increase the value of your HDBs, should you decide to sell in the future.

So, if you’re planning on renovating your HDB flat but don’t have a big budget, one tip is to know where to spend your money and where to save.

What You Need to Spend On

According to experts, what you need to spend on are the essentials. These are items and services that your home requires, which include:

  • Carpentry

Carpentry comprises the majority of the 5 room HDB renovation cost, covering a wide range of services related to adjusting flooring and installing fixtures. These services, therefore, form the backbone of your renovation that will dictate the style and feel you want to achieve. Without this, you cannot create a durable and high-quality home. 

If you cannot splurge on carpentry for your whole HDB, you can spend our money on renovating areas you spend most of your time in, whether that's the kitchen or the living room. Carpentry for these areas includes installing built-in cabinets, fighting appliances, replacing floors, hacking, and checking electrical work.

  • Home appliances

Other essentials you need to spend on are home appliances. These include an air conditioning system, kitchen stove, washing machine, and dryer. Not only will new appliances add to the modernity of your space, but more importantly, they can help you save on costs in the long run.

For instance, innovative air conditioning systems offer a smart feature that can reduce electricity consumption. As a result, you can cut down on your electrical bills. So, instead of buying cheap air conditioners with low-quality insulation, you can invest in the latest model with beneficial properties. 

The same goes for your washing machine. When you buy the latest models from reputable brands, you can reduce your water consumption, and therefore your water bills. 

That said, spending on home appliances with electricity and water-saving features is a must when renovating your home.

  • Display sets

Besides home appliances, another design element you need to purchase is furniture. But rather than buying individual, brand new furniture, you’ll save a couple of hundred dollars when you buy display sets. 

Display sets are models exhibited in furniture stores, which people can test run. Beds, sofas, tables, and chairs are pieces of furniture commonly put on display. Despite it being open for public use, these display models don't show signs of dirt or damage. In fact, they may even still look brand new.

What You Need to Save

On the other hand, the items you need to save on are those that are considered luxury or non-essentials. Often, these items fall under the category of "want" rather than "need." This means, even without these items at home, your flat will still look and function the same.

  • Bathtubs 

The first item you need to save on is a bathtub. Although it's nice to have in the bathroom, it's space-consuming and high maintenance. Ultimately, it's more practical to have a standing shower.

  • Mixed tiles

While mixed tiles are great for adding visual interest in your home, it's unnecessary. What's more, they're not easily sustainable. Because new trends are always popping up often, it's easy for mixed tiles to go out of style. That said, you'll benefit more from sticking with timeless plain tiles. 

  • Unnecessary decorative elements

Much like mixed tiles, decorative elements are those that add visual interest to your space. But they’re ultimately useless. Although they enhance your home’s aesthetic, they’re not functional. You’re better off spending the money on something more useful like light fixtures and toilets for your 2 room BTO toilet renovation.

Hire an Interior Design Expert

To know more about how to maximise your budget and strategically allocate your funds, hire an interior designer. They have the knowledge of the latest trends and the skills to give you high-quality services. With their expertise, they can help you achieve your dream home.